Online Accounting

What is an online accounting job?

Applying technology to accounting Originally, accounting documents had to be made by printing. and stored by printing on paper keep a copy on file Store in a filing cabinet. Then face the problem of employees resigning, documents are lost, documents cannot be found, Documents are stored in the wrong place, in the wrong file, etc.
But with today’s technology This allows you to do accounting work anywhere, in real time and on any mobile device that can connect to the Internet, making “online accounting work more convenient, faster, more accurate”

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Online accounting system can help increase work efficiency to organizations that have a person to large corporations, which can be used, whether it is a startup business, a private company, a government agency and long-established organizations

The advantages of online accounting systems are:

  • If an employee resigns, the information is still with the company in its entirety.
  • information accounting is collected and stored in a single source.
  • Reduce working through paper documents.
  • Wherever you are , you can work
  • Convenience with using through various devices such as smartphones, tablets, and notebooks.

Collins and Conners offers online accounts.

  • Financial statement submission service via e-Filing to the Revenue Department.
  • Online accounting system installation service
  • Providing advice on how to use the accounting software system on the Cloud Platform system.